About us


The mission of the Westbury Youth Soccer Club is to promote the personal growth and development of youth through the sports of soccer. We advocate for academic excellence from elementary school through college graduation. Through your participation in our soccer club, we intend to foster discipline and character among all of our participants.


Provide a haven for the youth of the Westbury community to have the opportunity to participate in activities throughout the year.

The Westbury Youth Soccer Club uses skills, discipline and philosophies associated with the sport of soccer to instill the confidence, motivation and desire necessary to face life’s opportunities and challenges. We hope to enable our young people to excel in their endeavors and ultimately become consummate professional and responsible citizens.

Through their participation in soccer, participants will learn the meaning of determination, dedication and values ​​that transcend beyond the soccer field to real life situations. This will allow them to make positive decisions and choices that can have a profound impact on their lives and on society.